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Board Meeting

Hamilton Library Board Meeting Minutes

Aug 2, 2023 


Meeting called to order 6:05

In Attendance: Susi Pipkin, Sydney Ernat, Misty Doan, Sonja Farnsworth

Not In Attendance: Candy Hensley, Sarah Connely, Liz Little, Julie Dawson



  •  Approval of June minutes - Motion to Approve- Doan, Second- Ernat - Unanimous Vote


Directors Report:


  • Financial Profit & Loss Report
  • Success with posting new books online
  • Our Library is being honored with a visit from the State Library & Institute of Museums and Libraries. They will be coming August 29th from 3:15-4:30. Only 3 Libraries in the state were chosen. 
  • Summer reading update- Will end 8/5/23. Had higher participation than years past.
  • Will be displaying the original librarian's typewriter from the old library. Donated by Kandi Railsback.
  • All reports updated and turned in to state agencies. 
  • Number of new library cards issued is running on pace with previous years. 
  • New patrons now receive physical library cards as well as any who request one.
  • State report due November.
  • Back to school story walk Aug 21-Sep 9. Halloween/Fall Story Walk Oct 23- Nov 4.
  • Plan to attend Library Meeting November 1 in Marceline, not Montgomery City on Sept 6.
  • STEAM Mondays will begin again on Sep 18th and will end before Thanksgiving. 


Motion to Adjourn- Doan, Second- Ernat - Unanimous Vote