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Board Meeting

Director’s Report

October 4, 2023


·         Technology mini grant application is completed and submitted.

·         Summer Reading grants

o   CSLP grant- we receive just because we do a summer reading program. Funds are used to purchase promotional materials

§  Last year we received $78, it was used to purchase pens, book marks, bags, notebooks, color pages and stickers all promoting the theme “All together now”

§  This year we may receive a little more because we had more people enrolled in the Summer reading program. We will purchase similar things as were purchased last year to hand out to promote the program. 2024’s theme is “Adventure Begins at the Library”

o   Summer Reading Grant- this opens October 15

§  This is where we can invite special programing (magician, singing groups, ect.) and the grant pays for it.

§  We could also order more merchandise to give away (can’t be used for prizes) as well as money for promoting program

§  We could also change out our app used for recording the reading.

·         From the State Library I have ordered two kits

o   Exploring STEM through board games

§  Will be used on a STEAM Monday

§  Will be available for use in the library for 4-6 weeks

§  Hope to get an idea which board games, if any would be an asset to have in the library.

o   Solar Eclipse Activities Kit for kids

§  Will also be used on a STEAM Monday

§  If kit is what I think it is, I will order it for next April for the big Solar eclipse.

·         STEAM Mondays have started, smaller group then last time, but kids are loving it. Sign up for dates in late October and into November have more children.

·         Story Time-

o   will be reaching out to community for guest readers

o   numbers have increased

·         New Halloween Story Walk goes live next week will run through Halloween

·         Ghouls on Parade will be Tuesday, October 31st at 10 am

·         PaperPie Books (formerly Usborne Books) teamed up with us on J. C. Penney Days to help get free books for the library. Because of the weather they had to shut down early. So on the 17th we will have a book fair here in the library for the community. It will run 11-4. When people buy we get donated books. We are at $308 from J C Penney Days.

·         Still working on State Survey.