Memory Kits

Memory Kits

A memory kit is a bag filled with items and activities centered around a place, time, or theme. "For people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families, a remembered moment from the past is a gift. Memory loss and confusion are the hallmarks of dementia and Alzheimer’s, as the diseases progressively damage brains cells, but photographs, music, and memorabilia from the past can trigger memories and provide a bridge for caregivers and loved ones to communicate and connect. " Steph Waite

Memory Kits are available for check out for two weeks at a time.


The Western Memory Care Kit includes:

  • Farm Memories paint set

  • Western Word Search

  • Cowboy Legends DVD

  • Branded DVD

  • Zane Grey "Tappan's Burro" CD

  • Fidget Popper

  • Jacob's Ladder

  • Activity Lap Blanket

Vintage Cars

Vintage Cars Memory Care Kit includes:

  • Vintage Car Paint Set

  • Vintage Car Matching Game

  • Classic Car Coloring Book and Pencils

  • Bullitt DVD

  • Fidget Popper

  • Jacob's Ladder

  • Fidget Lap Blanket

Rock and Roll

The Rock and Roll Memory Care Kit includes:

  • Elvis Presley DVD

  • "It's only Rock n' Roll" Crossword Puzzles

  • "The Legendary 1960's " Word Search

  • Animal Snap Game

  • "How the Beatles changed the World" book

  • Fidget Popper

  • Jacob's Ladder

  • Activity Lap Blanket

Birds and Butterflies

Birds and Butterflies Memory Kit includes:

  • "The Blue Bird" DVD

  • Garden Joys Sensory Activity-Scents and Sounds Game

  • Bathing Birds Jigsaw Puzzle (35 pieces)

  • "Butterflies of the World" book

  • Fidget Popper

  • Activity Cuff

  • Jacob's ladder

  • Beautiful Birds Coloring book and pencils

Farm & Garden

The Farm & Garden Memory Care Kit includes:

  • Farm Life Puzzle ( 100 piece)

  • Garden Wonders Paint Set

  • "Annie Get your Gun" DVD

  • "Wildflowers Around the World" Book

  • Fidget Popper

  • Jacob's Ladder

  • Activity Lap Blanket

Fabulous 50's

The Fabulous 50's Memory Care Kit includes:

  • Puppy Playtime Jigsaw Puzzle (13 piece)

  • Petticoat Junction DVD

  • "The Fabulous 1950's" Word search

  • Red Skelton DVD

  • Domino Game

  • "Dial M for Murder" DVD

  • Fidget Popper

  • Jacob's ladder

  • Activity Pillow