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May Board Meeting Minutes

Library board minutes 5/3/2023
 Minutes approved from last meeting
 Treasurer – Sarah will be treasurer until next month when we have officer elections
 Board elections – Nicol will be stepping down due to moving to Cameron school district
 Director’s report
o First payments from STEAM grants (2) have been received and deposited
o Profit and loss budget report
o Next fiscal year budget
 Does not show state funds added, but Sonja does believe we will be
receiving those again
 Need board approval before July
 Need treasurer and director to sign off on it and to submit to state in July
o Summer Reading Program
 Kick off May 23, 2023
 End date is August 5, 2023
 Fliers going home next week in elementary and middle schools
 Groups and their kick off events
 Rewards, who has contributed
 If $275 more money comes in we can end with pool party
o Story Time
 Planning to end when school gets out, but group asked to continue
through summer
 Will post on Facebook and reach out to high school counselor for
possible teenage volunteers to help with this

o S.T.E.A.M Monday
 First week was rough – robots acted up
 The last two have been fun, frantic and fantastic!
 Will consider adding a regular STEAM Monday’s if there is enough
interest. Will possibly team with the school

o Discuss the future growth of the library
 Adjournment 6:42 PM