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April Board Minutes

Library board Minutes 4/5/2023
 Minutes approved from last meeting
 Resolutions to bylaws were approved via email
 Treasurer – We need a treasurer as Renee has stepped down. Sarah is willing to act as
treasurer until officer elections in June – Sonja will check with her mentor to see if that
is possible for someone to have 2 positions on board.
 Library Insurance policy – Continue with State Farm for policy
 Director’s Report
o Profit and Loss Budget
 Sarah mentioned Ring central or some other phone/fax app to replace
phone system to save some money; Sonja will look into these to check
pricing, etc.

o STEAM Grant for circulation of kits – “S.T.E.A.M. goes home in Hamilton” we
were awarded $3689. Grant runs from 2/23/23 through 7/31/23. The kits we
purchased are for ages PK – 8.
o Spotlight on Literacy 2023 Grant – Based on the usage of the STEAM literacy
program. Starting April 17 and running for 10 weeks the Library will host STEAM
Mondays from 5-6 PM. There is signup sheet. Flyers sent home with elementary
students last week and posting on website and Facebook. We were awarded
$5,393. This grant runs 3/15/23 – 3/30/24.
o Summer Reading Program – “All Together Now” letters have been sent to local
merchants asking for donations. They are coming in and being recorded. Instead
of trinkets we have asked for local coupons and cash is always welcome. The age
groups are 0-4, 5-12, Teens, Adults. We will have 3 kick off events to get the
program started.
 May 23 @ 10AM – ribbon cutting at Penney Park for Story Walk – hand
out muffin and hand out Summer Reading Swag
 May 24 th – teens will have Escape Room in library in afternoon – prize is
chest full of candy bars if they win and snack size candy bars if they lose
and they will receive swag bag after event
 May 25 th – “Come as you are” Book Club – bring book currently reading
and discuss with others what they are reading. Refreshments and swag
 So far we have prizes for everyone who completes the program from
local merchants; our plan is to have several popular books to give as
prizes as different levels are met. Grand prize for teens and older children
will be Amazon Fire Tablet
 Runs May 23 – August 5
o 2023/24 fiscal budget – without state funds and with $1/hour wage increase for
assistant librarirans. No increase for Director.
o June 1-2 is MPLD in Independence
o July 3-6 for vacation for Director approved. Coverage is handled

 Opening for board member – Sonja will put something on Facebook stating we are
looking for someone
 Trustee Manual – pgs 15-19
 Adjournment