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2024 Winter Challenge

Winter is a great time to curl up with a good book and read! Let's make it even more fun and earn points while you read! Stop by the library and pick up your calandar and challenge recording sheet, and lets get reading! 2024 Winter Challenge runs from January 1- March 31, 2024!

2 pt challenges

a book by an author your've never read before

a book about non-human characters

a book written by someone under 30 years old

a funny book

a graphic novel

a book with a one word title

a book with a number in the title

a book that has a cover in your favorite color

a book with a monster on the cover

a book set during a holiday

a book you never got to finish

a book about dragons

read out loud to someone

3 pt challenges

a book about poetry

a book with a female protagonist

a fairytale or folk tale

a book your mom or dad loves

a book with a male protagonist

a science fiction book

a mystery book

a book that became a movie

a book written by a female

a book written by a male

a book a friend recommended

a non-fiction book

a book about a TV show

a book from your favorite author

a sports book

a book with grandparents in the story

Readers Choice (you choose)

4 pt challenges

a book you own but have never read

a book of short stories

a book written by an author with your initials

a book based on a true story

a book set in a different county

a book published this year

5 pt challenges

a book that takes place in Missouri

a book about a first lady

a book that was written more than 100 years ago

an author's first book

a book about a diverse background other than your own

8 pt challenges

a book with 200 or more pages

a book with 300 or more pages

10 pt challenges

read a Trilogy